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“Meet Margaret”
- Three generations of clients -

Our Approach

  • We are the region’s largest and independent financial services agency.
  • We are committed to providing practical and customized solutions, combined with outstanding technical expertise.
  • We work in partnership with each of our clients to find the right solution for themselves and/or their business.
  • We follow an integrated approach, utilizing the practical skills and in-depth knowledge of our team of specialists who have acquired over a decade of experience to exceptionally serve you, our valued clients.
  • We are focused on taking the complex processes of dealing with large financial institutions, be it from coverage to claim or choosing from a variety of investment options, and adapting them to client-friendly solutions


A Bit About Our Name:


The Earth (represented at the center of our logo)

The Earth symbolizes our clients. The Earth is something we must respect, appreciate and nurture to ensure that it continues on its planned trajectory in total comfort and stability.

The Moon’s relationship to the Earth (subtly embedded in the arc below the Earth)

Like the Moon, we act as guardians for our clients to provide stability and balance. Without the moon, the earth would wobble and likely not to be able to orbit smoothly through its planned trajectory around the Sun.

The Sun’s relationship to the Earth (arc encompassing the Earth’s representation)

Like the sun, our team acts as an energy source to provide warmth, comfort and support of its needs. As Earth is our client, we provide all of our resources to ensure that they are able to thrive and grow. Our team will shed light on opportunities and provide the necessities to help clients achieve their financial objectives today and in the future.